The E2B Committee of ECTP is open to any organisation that would like to become a member. Our members are made up of industrial, research, SMEs and public agencies, and together our influence becomes greater. 

Working together to transform our industry and help shape future research

ECTP members can leverage R&D investment funds and be connected with leading academic institutions. With influence over the direction of research and the European Commission research agenda, ECTP is well placed to support applications for funding and to steer future research calls.  

Driving competition in industry and helping you leverage opportunity

We offer support to SMEs and can help you develop leading, sustainable products, technologies and services. With the support membership offers you can gain a competitive advantage and seek assistance where and when you need it. 

Larger companies and academic institutions can benefit from access to large funding programmes and established connections in industry. We can help organisations take advantage of opportunities and funding calls with an aim to strengthen competition in industry.