What we do


Taking action against climate change and tackling CO2 emissions

Climate change is a reality which is altering the world around us; urgent action needs to be taken now. The construction Industry is a large contributor to CO2 emissions, with buildings responsible for 40% of the total European energy consumption and a third of CO2 emissions. 

To help address climate change the European Commission has set specific targets to be achieved by 2020, known as the 2020 targets. Together we want to reduce energy consumption by 20%, reduce CO2 emissions by 20% and provide 20% of the total energy share with renewable energy.

Influencing research and transforming construction to make us a knowledge-intensive industry 

The E2B Committee connects people in industry to drive EU-wide initiatives and to help set the course of research in order to make positive impact on our environment. 

In 2013 we delivered a multiannual roadmap for 2014-2020 setting a vision and a path towards developing a high-tech building industry, which turns energy efficiency into sustainable business. This roadmap outlines research and innovation topics agreed amongst a wide community of stakeholders across Europe. 

The roadmap established the backbone of a long term Research and Innovation programme agreed with stakeholders across Europe. In line with Horizon 2020, the EeB PPP aims to develop breakthrough affordable solutions at building and district scale, connecting to future smart cities and major European initiatives to maximise impact for the users and society.

Our Organisation

E2B is one of the six Committees run by ECTP. Each Committee is focused on delivering a research agenda, bringing research projects together and engaging industry in order to address different societal and environmental challenges. 

The E2B Committee was set up in order to help the construction industry reach 2020 targets and achieve energy neutral buildings and districts by 2050. 

ECTP Energy Efficient Buildings Committee Chair: Javier Bonilla (ACCIONA)

ECTP E2B Committee Executive Board Members

  • ACCIONA (Javier Bonilla, Chair)
  • ARUP (Jan Wurm)
  • BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION (Christian de Nacquard, Paul Cartuyvels)
  • CEMOSA (Noemi Jimenez Redondo)
  • HEIDELBERGCEMENT (Christian Artelt)
  • MOSTOSTAL (Juliusz Zach)
  • NOBATEK/INEF 4 (Germain Adell)
  • PTPC (Rita Moura)
  • RINA Consulting (Donato Zangani)
  • RMIT EUROPE (Marta Fernandez)
  • STAM (Stefano Carosio)
  • STRESS (Carmine Pascale)
  • TECNALIA (Juan Perez)
  • TNO (Olaf Adan)
  • UPONOR (Ilari Aho)
  • VTT (Isabel Pinto-Seppä)