Our aims


Optimising building concepts with technical, economic and social potential to reduce energy consumption

The Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) Committee's vision is to drive the creation of a knowledge-based building industry which turns energy efficiency into sustainable business, within the PPP EeB under Horizon 2020.

The general objectives of the E2B Committee are: 

  • Develop technologies and solutions enabling to speed up the reduction in energy use and GHG emission in line with the 2020 goals, e.g. through a higher renovation rate of the building stock at lower cost and to meet regulatory needs;

  • Develop energy efficiency solutions in order to turn the building industry into a knowledge-driven sustainable business, with higher productivity and higher skilled employees;

  • Develop innovative and smart systemic approaches for green buildings and districts, helping to improve the competitiveness of EU building industry by providing cost-effective, user-friendly, healthy and safe products for smart cities.

This would ultimately create a solid foundation for continuous innovation in the building sector through sustainable partnerships, fostering an innovative eco-system across value chains which is not project based with episodic innovation activities as current practices.

Using Horizon 2020 to realise our vision and produce innovative solutions

Under the new EU framework programme Horizon 2020, a contractual PPP on Energy-efficient Buildings aims to develop cost effective innovative solutions for buildings and districts. 

During Horizon 2020, the E2B Committee is looking forward to realising the vision of creating a high-tech building industry that turns energy efficiency into sustainable business.