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Promoting industry driven research and innovation since 2008

The Energy Efficient Building Committee of ECTP promotes industry driven research, demonstration and innovation within the framework of the EeB PPP, as a response to the 2020 Energy targets of the EC.

The E2B Committee gathers together large companies, SMEs, research centres, academic institutions and relevant stakeholders interested in RTD in energy efficient buildings and districts. E2B also liaises with Member States and with other related national initiatives.

EeB PPP to reduce energy and CO2 emissions through initiating an innovation dialogue with industry

The EeB PPP is a partnership between the European Commission who stand for public interest and the E2B Committee of ECTP representing the private sector. 

The EeB PPP promotes and supports research and innovation to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions related to new and retrofitted buildings across Europe.

The PPP is not just a financing instrument, but also a mechanism of dialogue between industry and the European Commission. It is being implemented in a true, positive partnership.

The PPP was launched in December 2008 under the European Economic Recovery Plan. Set up under the FP7 Framework it recognises the importance of research to achieve Europe’s targets of job creation and competiveness, and to maintain leadership in the global knowledge economy. It attracts significant industry interest and is helping to drive innovation in the building sector.