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The revised EPBD directive approved by the European Parliament

While people are now spending most of their times indoor, it appears that 75% of the European housing stock is inefficient and the renovation rates remain too low. Furthermore, today only 2% of European homes are properly renovated every year. 

Yet, nowadays, the old European building stock is the cause of a loss of energy. In addition to this, things need to be done to fight energy poverty. Last but not least, indoor air can be as harmful as the polluted outdoor one. Respiratory and pulmonary diseases, allergies, irritation, direct toxicity are consequences on people’s health. 

For these reasons, a revised directive has been proposed by the European Commission in 2016. The new EPBD directive has been approved in plenary session by the European Parliament on the 17th of April 2018 and negotiations with the Council will take place on the 14th of May, before a final agreement. 

There are several expected outcomes. First of all, the directive brings in long-term renovation strategies aiming at decarbonization. It also promotes an enhanced transparency of national building energy performance calculation methodologies. The new directive boosts the use of Smart technologies by targeting a support to e-mobility and includes a smart-readiness indicator for buildings. These measures will be funded through different financing initiatives (Smart Finance for Smart Buildings). 

The EU also tries to impulse building refurbishment through research projects. This is the case of the EeB PPP project R2Cities (Residential Renovation towards nearly zero energy cities). It shows the real improvement that can be realised by building renovation, in Spain, Italy and Turkey. As an example, in a retrofitted building in Valladolid (Spain), the owner notices an enhanced insulation, the disappearance of mould and a better quality of the air. It has been achieved thanks to a new façade, heating system and solar panels, with 10.000 euros invested in renovation works. 

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