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Public Consultation on EU Renovation Wave (feedback deadline: July 9)

As part of the commitments in the European Green Deal, the European Commission is preparing a Renovation Wave for public and private buildings to address the current low decarbonisation and energy renovation rates across the EU and deliver multiple benefits for citizens and businesses. Boosting energy performance of buildings means consuming less energy and saving money, enabling more solutions for renewable energy, advanced district heating and cooling, waste management, sustainable mobility and social cohesion.  Boosting energy performance of buildings will help to alleviate energy poverty and improve comfort, sanitary and living conditions addressing the twin challenge of energy efficiency and affordability.

As a preparatory step, the Commission published a roadmap on the initiative in May 2020, with a 4-week period for public feedback. On 12 June, the Commission launched a 4-week public consultation to feed into the Commission preparation of this initiative.

More information on this consultation here.

Source: European Commission @ European Union 1995-2020