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Measuring the energy efficiency of Non-residential buildings across the EU

RICS Data Services are working with the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER) to maintain and update the EU Building Stock Observatory (BSO) 

The purpose of the BSO is to provide a snap-shot of the energy performance of the EU building stock, by providing high-quality data from all Member states in a consistent and comparable manner. The purpose of the survey is to provide representative data on non-residential buildings across the 28 Member States of the EU to inform preparation of an energy-use profile of the existing building stock across Europe. The survey consists of 30 questions with a completion time of just 15 minutes and will capture information pertaining to your buildings: location; type; size; age and energy performance. Results from the survey will be aggregated to provide a view of the total energy performance of the non-residential built stock across individual EU Member states and by extension the EU as a whole, any data collected will not be used/reported on an individual/building basis. 

To complete the survey please follow the link: 

Response are expected by Friday 29th June 2018, however RICS intend to keep the survey portal open until the beginning of 2020 to ensure regular and robust data is available on an ongoing basis.

Please note that individual building data are required rather than aggregated estate and/or portfolio data, please therefore complete a separate survey for each building. 

Should you have any questions regarding the survey contact RICS at

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