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European Research and Innovation Days - Horizon Europe preparation

The European Research & Innovation Days 2019 were held on September 24-26 in Brussels, Belgium, as part of the co-design consultation launched by the European Commission on the orientations of Horizon Europe's strategic plan starting in 2021. These days brought together stakeholders to shape the implementation of the cross-cutting and thematic priorities of the programme - and in particular Pillar II and the development of the 6 clusters as well as the 5 preliminary identified missions. Special sessions were dedicated to the potential future Partnership dedicated to the "Sustainable Built Environment" and the "Climate-neutral and smart cities" Mission, chaired by Hanna Beata Gronkiewicz-Waltz, with Emmanuel Forest, ECTP President, as one of the 15 members of the Mission Board.

A networking area, the "Innovative Europe" Hub also enabled participants to strengthen their networks and attend information sessions on European innovation funding opportunities. In parallel, the event aimed to mobilize and sensitize citizens to the importance of research and innovation to meet the challenges of society. The event included a free exhibition "Science is wonderful" intended to show the influence of science on everyday life through experiments, demonstrations and discussions with researchers on the most innovative European productions.

More information on the dedicated event website here.

During the event, the European Commission attributed several prizes. The French city of Nantes was named as the 5th annual European capital of innovation, especially for its scheme of putting its residents at the centre of designing new projects and policies for the city. Horizon impact awards were also handed out to 4 projects funded through H2020 or FP7, to recognise the societal impact of their work. More information here.

Source: ECTP Secretariat