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CREATE project: Social Impact questionnaire about thermal storage

The purpose of the survey is to collect the views of different stakeholders and identify their needs, habits and preferences related to thermal storage systems. The survey should only take 5 minutes.

To fill-in the questionnaire and provide your input, click here.

What is CREATE?

CREATE project is a  European research project funded under the H2020 programme. The CREATE technology is based on advanced compact thermal storage for existing dwellings using themochemical storage materials. The heart of the system consist of a vessel that contains a salt (K2CO3) that is hydrated and dehydrated, which generates an energy effect. In the time between de-hydration and hydration the energy is stored n the salt. We envision two applications for the heat battery: (i) decentral thermal energy storage bridging supply and demand of renewable thermal energy, (ii) decentral grid-connected storage for increasing energy efficiency and introducing flexibility int he electricity grid, e.g. using a heat pump. Find more about the project at

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Source: CREATE Consortium