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Enerit team is involved in HIT2GAP H2020 project

Enerit is Consortium partner of the HIT2GAP project “Highly Innovative building control Tools Tackling the energy performance gap”, a 4-year project (2015-2019) funded under H2020 Programme and coordinated by Nobatek. HIT2GAP aims to develop the next generation of building monitoring, control tools and optimized energy management practices, based on advanced data treatment techniques for minimising the existing gap versus better building energy performance.

A software platform interacts with different modules, each one ensuring a specific functionality. Enerit has the responsibility to develop the EM module, as expansion of its commercial product, to comply with the strategic perspective of interacting with the HIT2GAP platform to automatically retrieve the energy consumption data and relevant information (events) generated by the other modules, so that:

  • help the user increase energy efficiency and meet energy consumptions and key energy indicator targets;
  • reach optimization of the energy process related to the current operational phase, evaluating and reviewing how the choices made during the design and commissioning phases are demonstrating to be (currently) effective;
  • build and dynamically manage the Energy Action Plan (EAP), evaluating continuous upgrade of the building energy infrastructures that make feasible the implementation of up-to-date technologies with financial availability in a way that energy and costs savings make profitable the investments to do.

Source: HIT2GAP Consortium,