07.07.2016  |  EU Efficient Buildings study: Public consultation on draft indicator proposals

In the framework of the study for the 'development of a common EU framework of indicators for the environmental performance of buildings', the European Commission is launching a public consultation on the first draft proposals...[more]

05.07.2016  |  Smart buildings in a decarbonised energy system

In its latest paper, BPIE identifies 10 principles for buildings to become micro energy-hubs which should be the reference when re-designing our energy system. These principles 10 principles are making the case for buildings to...[more]

01.07.2016  |  A three-part infographic on efficient buildings

BPIE has recently published a three-part infographic showcasing the benefits, the role of buildings in a balanced energy system and enabling measures. Buildings can generate energy, provide storage and deliver demand response....[more]

30.06.2016  |  PIEPER Report (own-initiative report monitoring the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive) approved in the European Parliament Plenary

On 23rd June, the European Parliament Plenary approved an own-initiative report on the Energy Efficiency Directive (PIEPER Report), calling the European Commission to include strong provisions on building renovation in its...[more]

07.06.2016  |  Save the date for Horizon 2020 Info Days in the fields on transport and energy in 2016

The next H2020 information days in the fields of transport and energy organised in 2016 are: 20 September 2016: Virtual information day on the Horizon 2020 work programme 2016-2017 ‘Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy' will...[more]