08.12.2017  |  Cleaner energy: new binding targets for energy efficiency and use of renewables

A binding target to reduce energy consumption by 40% by 2030 at EU level has been agreed by the Industry and Energy Committee (ITRE). MEPs wanted to be more ambitious than the EU Commission, which had proposed a 30%...[more]

08.12.2017  |  R2CITIES project: The “washing machines” district smartens up to halve energy consumption

A peripheral district in Genoa, Italy, has become a smart city lab. The R2CITIES European project has improved apartment conditions, reduced waste and lowered the energy bill, all with the help of citizens. The bulk of the work...[more]

04.12.2017  |  NEXT-Buildings final newsletter

The EeB PPP project NEXT-Buildings has issued its fifth international newsletter with its last year’s results. This project is one of the four selected for support in the call “Very Low Energy Buildings”, in the EU FP7. The...[more]

30.11.2017  |  REZBUILD project: an innovative refurbishment ecosystem for NZEB in Europe

The main aim of this H2020 project, which started in October 2017, is to define an innovative and collaborative refurbishment ecosystem for transforming RE assets into Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).The construction sector is...[more]

27.11.2017  |  Letter of intent signed by ECTP and the Polish Regions to develop energetically positive, sustainable and citizens-friendly cities

ECTP was invited as a partner of the European Bioeconomy Congress 2017, organized on 20-21 November in Lodz, and represented by its President Emmanuel Forest and Secretary General Alain Zarli. At this occasion, a Letter of...[more]